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Mycology = the study of Fungi

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Join us on the journey to growing a world without waste/pollution, employing, and preserving The “Tree” of Life commonly known as Fungi.


Welcome Artists, Earthlings, and citizen scientists!

Creative Mycology (and Gaia) would like to encourage everyone with a pulse to educate themselves, and others about the many organisms called Fungi, the Mycelium, the Mushrooms that grow from them, and the priceless connections it makes throughout all of nature. There are many businesses, and adaptations of techniques used by current businesses involving Fungi waiting to be discovered, and developed, and millions of jobs to be created, do some research, be creative, take initiative, and be responsible. The products currently polluting the planet can be made from mycelium based materials which biodegrade quicker, and are non toxic. Forests, prairies, mountains, deserts, and every ecosystem depend on soil fungi, and other types of mushrooms to provide a host of benefits, immune support, availability of nutrients to plants, trees, and all earthlings, understanding this natural matrix will help us all in so many ways. Bees rely on specific beneficial fungi to survive. There are many ways to incorporate fungi into our lives, and ways it already is, some of which are 100% necessary to survival, solving the climate change, and cleaning up the pollution issues we face. Since there has been a lack of understanding, and education of Fungi, and the prohibition of cannabis which has allowed irresponsible business models to destroy our planet, and the lives of so many people who we could really use right now to help save us from ourselves, and the extinction crisis. An old man told me a story about a story an old man told him one day, he said when the land was all connected with Mycelium beneath the Soil, and Fungi of all kinds were connected throughout the web of life, we lived together with other Earthlings in a Utopia. Not all fungi care about you, most probably don’t, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about them. One fungi to be careful with is yeast, the yeast in beer especially causes a reaction in your brain which delivers the message to ingest more beer since the yeast lives on in your body when ingested, and it knows if you stop drinking said beer, the yeast will die, it wants to keep living, so it attempts to control your mind as a survival mechanism. If there were a zombie apocalypse (seems already that way sometimes) the “virus” would most likely be a type of fungi. I believe we should do everything in our power to understand the world of fungi, and work closely with it to avoid such a zombie apocalypse. Educating your fellow man on the benefits as well as the hazards of fungi is key to shaking that ass on the dance floor of life, love, and the pursuit of clean water.



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The opportunities are infinite for a fungi, just like the shape of our universe. We welcome you to wake up and smell the mycelium. Life on our planet is held together by webs of of mycelium, it only makes sense to use Fungi for our advancement of society, culture, and technology, as other successful civilizations have done before us that left bread crumbs for us to follow such as Stonehenge which represents a 13 month solar/lunar calendar, and sculptures of mushroom gods, stories in fairy tales, all sorts of treasures waiting to be discovered.

Helping to inspire artists and citizen scientists explore the world of fungi and its many applications in our everyday life, and all other earthlings.


Examples of Businesses, and Markets using fungi.

Mycelium based packaging

Mycelium based clothing

Mycelium based products in general

Mycoremediation services

Education of mycology

Recycling metals from electronics,

Recycling plastic, asphalt, compost, toxins of all kinds

Mushroom growing for food

Mushroom growing for medicine

Mycelium growing, spawn for others to use

Gardening services

Creating Gold, silver, and other beneficial nano particles using fungi for medicine, electronics, nanotechnology, cosmetics, and yet to be discovered purposes.

Developing medicines from lichens

Fuel produced from fungi

Labs to develop specific fungi strains for varieties of reasons

An app for hiring a gardener, mycologist, arborist, mycoremediator, natural habitat builder or edible landscaper in your area, picture uber style gardening service

Collecting, and organizing data of all sorts for fungal organisms living in humans, as well as other subjects/interactions to further the progress of research, and what we can develop/create/grow.

Very important class currently underway to help us save biodiversity, and secure a pollution free future.


We know now that fungi/mushrooms are the foundation on which all life depends, our hope is to educate the public about the importance of our relationship with our ancestors fungi in order to avoid a total extinction, and to build a sustainable world we can live in with nature.


Fungi Facts

Spores from mushrooms blown from the wind into the upper atmosphere create seeds for rain clouds.

<95% of plants in the world depend upon fungi for nutrient, and growth in general.

The Tree of Life is not a tree at all but Fungi. The red skinned white fleshed “fruit” that was eaten by adam and eve was actually the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. The Tree of Life makes sense as Fungi, because it is the foundation on which all life on the planet comes from.

The patterns known as Li describe mycelium, and the pattern of the universe, the patterns of neurons firing in the brain, the web sharing files of the internet, the craggy coastlines, and all sorts of things with this pattern.

Fungi are our Ancestors.

Fungi can transport nutrients though their mycelial networks to areas of a forest or other ecosystem which are deficient in that nutrient. Yes, they are conscious, and intelligent beings.

Fungi can develop enzymes to break down substances they encounter whether or not they’ve ever encountered it before or not.

Fungi are the best chemists in the world.

We rely on Fungi everyday for our survival, and cultures.



Blessings on your journey with fungi, together we will explore the infinite possibilities of life, culture, and reality!

Body of Christ translates to mushrooms, and blood of Christ represents tea made from mycelium or mushrooms, if you were confused in the story of what Adam and Eve were eating in the garden of Eden, and what Jesus was telling you to eat as a sacrament. It was the mushroom that sacrificed its life for you, and was “rising” from the dead again, not a human. Some of us Remember our history, and are here to teach you know bullshit. We need more education that illuminates the truth rather than lies and deceit. I have been being slandered somewhat heavily, but investigated heavily as well. I am the truth. God is a Fungi, and the beings created from it are too. The natural technology is what we need most, we need to be kind to one another. Yet not tolerate the lies anymore. There are undergound caverns of people farms all over the planet. I do not know the locations precicely, but the vatican, and Israel might be a great starting point, although China, USA, Turkey, and other places as well are building places to live which we need in case of emergency or for reasons unknown to me, but its how its done, that I would like to inquire the most about. I’m not against living underground, unless its a cannibal rapist shit show type of deal that nobody would ever want to witness, or be a part of. So lets do the investigation of what the mislead people of the planet are doing and solve the mysteries of the underworld. We need to do this in order to avoid extinction. Please be kind to each other! Can we regrow the garden of eden/heaven all over the planet already? We need help. We’ve been helping/hurting so many people, plants, animals, and insects. The Forests are our friends, tree farms are not forests. The soils are alive, they contain many organisms imperative to all our survival, save a few who think they can escape the powers of Gaia. We must continue to work together to be (good(in my opinion)) shepherds of the Earth, and tune into natural frequencies of Gaia’s consciousness. I am deeply concerned about the EMF signals invading our collective consciousness, as well as all other Earthlings Collective Consciousness, and plants, wait a sec those are technically also earthlings. I think its high time we reconsider who we think about when we think about Earthlings, and what our Family is, Big reveal we are also seeded from different beings from other galaxy’s, so we need to be more respectful. I fear that too many of our family has been being mercilessly killed by irresponsible business practices, and plastic that is like a bullet that keeps on killing, after its left the oil barrel. The plastic trash can be collected, and turned back into oil, which can be responsibly used in many applications, at which point being broken down into simpler harmless, or less harmful chemicals, and compounds digested by fungi further. I would go an even further step to build incinerators to destroy harmful pharmaceutical drugs, and pesticides, and herbicides, and fungicides, and other harmful chemicals. I would also organize a worldwide system of Caves that would house fungi to bloom at a moments notice to avoid being hit by a comet or asteroid. The power of Fungi can literally move the planet. With the recent discoveries from the aliens, we now have a huge rock hurling towards us, possibly on purpose by some larger species that lives in the universe to make us correct our errors, and get our shit together. We must reconnect the fungal communities/mycelium across the planet to encourage more mushroom growth, this alone will send us on a different trajectory which would allow us to cultivate growth and culture on the planet longer than other cycles of earthlings history. It’s said we have 10 years till the rock is here. We obviously need to do more research, but finding the solution to moving our planet out of the way in case of an impact has always been in the back of our minds.


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